View/download our rate charts and forms here.

Outsource your shipping. We are a full-service agent shipping to 40 states and DC.

We manage the entire process from pickup to packing, to shipping.

We offer full service and flexibility, shipping just one bottle or entire wine clubs.

Time and labor saver We pick up the wine (Amador, Calaveras, and El Dorado Counties) and pack the wine. You don’t have to be available for carrier pick up.

We provide all packing material You no longer have to purchase and store shipping materials.

Warm weather options We can hold wine in a temperature-controlled environment, use insulated shippers with ice packs, or ship with expedited services to mitigate heat concerns.

Same day turnaround with pickup requests by 9am (Amador only); drop offs by 2pm. Contact us for qualifications.

We ship to 40 states and DC – (we do not ship to: AL*, IL, MI, MS, ND, NH, NY, PA, TX, UT, VA, WI – *we can ship to consumers in Alabama in care of their local ABC store)

Additional discounts available
• Pre-packed: $2 to $5 credit per package
• Volume: 10 or more packages in a single shipment
• GLS: Full 12 bottle cases shipped in their original case boxes to California, Nevada, and Arizona via GLS available at discounted rates. Significant additional discounts start at 9 cases. We also ship palletized freight shipments at low freight rates. Call for more information.

Policies and disclaimers
• We do not ship wine direct to consumers in Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, New York, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
• We assume no liability for the delivery of the shipments or for loss or damage by any cause, including heat and cold, to packages or their contents while in transit. We are not liable for carrier’s failure to make timely delivery on date specified. Unless additional value is declared, the maximum carrier-provided insurance coverage for each package is $100. Insurance does not cover heat, cold, seepage, or label and foil damage.
• All shipments are UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. We may ship via other carriers at our discretion.
• Wine to be shipped must be accompanied by complete shipping information on paperwork that can be kept on file. Provide the full shipping address including Ste/Apt/Unit if applicable, company name if applicable, customer phone, winery name, and number of bottles. Customer email address is recommended. On bulk shipments (8 or more packages in a single shipment) shipping information should be sent by emailing a spreadsheet.

• Payment can be made with credit card on file or monthly invoicing
• Accounts are invoiced on the first of each month and on terms of net 15
• Clubs and other large shipments will be billed at time of shipment and are due on receipt